Sunday Morning Schedule Changes

Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven...

As we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, don't forget our change in worship schedule starting this fall. If you recall, we have just spent three years looking at ways to revitalize our church. One area of needed improvement is our Christian Education program. Currently our Sunday school program serves a robust number of children, while our Adult Education classes struggle to attract new attendees, and we have still have a lapse in a Christian Education program for youth. How could we provide offerings at a time that is convenient for a large majority of our congregation and engage children, youth and adults? 

Starting on Sunday, September 7our time at church will start at  9:30 AM with separate Christian Education classes for all ages at the same time. These classes will run until approximately 10:15. The Worship Service will then start at 10:30, running until approximately 11:30. Nursery will be available during both periods. By trying these changes, we will accomplish the following:

·Everyone will have the opportunity to attend a Christian Education class and not miss part of the Worship Service as teachers do currently. Choir members will now be able to help teach a class for children or youth or help in the nursery.

·Children above nursery age will be able to experience the whole worship service experience and hopefully learn better what it means to partake in the worship experience. If parents choose, kids up to age four can stay in the nursery during the service, rather than up to age three, as they currently do. 

The children’s book is called Making a Home for Faith by Elizabeth Caldwell. The youth book is God’s Call. It’s a series of Old Testament stories.  The adults will be studying the book of Acts.

·Families who are visiting our church will feel more comfortable as they will be personally dropping their children in the classroom and can meet the teachers, rather than their children suddenly leaving the sanctuary after the children's sermon as happens currently.

While change can be difficult, this is an exciting opportunity for all to learn together and build an even stronger Christian bond together. We look forward to implementing these changes and seeing the benefits of the life and continued growth of our church.

Collecting School Supplies Once again we are collecting school supplies for the children served by the Breathing Room, Christ Home, and Laurel House.  As school supplies go on sale, please consider picking up extra pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, sticky notes, or any other items that would be useful to school children.  There is a particular need for new or very gently used backpacks, preferably of moderate to high quality.  We will have collection boxes in the Gathering Space and at the Wharton Avenue door.  The supplies will be delivered before Labor Day and if there is a need, again in late September.